Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

kelpdiver wrote:

lemon_juice wrote:

However, I don't really like what has happened with blu-ray movies. The number of protections, the fact that you need to have all pieces of your equipment compatible with some blu-ray decoding mechanism is some kind of joke. It's as if the creators of blu-ray didn't really want people to buy blu-ray and invented all kinds of obstacles and annoyances to make our lives harder. l.

You don't have a player, but you're convinced they're impossible to use?

I never said they are impossible to use.

I've had quite a few, starting with the PS3 8 years ago. Never had a complication. The copy protection schemes are broken within days of release.

Sure, every copy protection gets broken sooner or later but why I as a normal customer would have to deal with it? It is a nuisance. Moreover, if you want to use blu-ray within a company then going illegal might not be an option.

If I wanted to give up the space on my NAS, I could rip blu-rays to disk, and then play on my media devices. No, this is not really a legitimate complaint, unless DVDs are boycotted for CSS, and VHS for Macrovision.

There is a difference between DVD and blu-ray. I can buy a DVD drive, connect it to any TV I have or install in in any PC I have and it will work out of the box. For blu-ray not so - I have to buy different hardware even if what I have is powerful enough to play the content. Sure, I can use hacks and work around it (I think you can now even buy software that will decode it without any hassle) but why would I have to?

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