Should I upgrade to XT1 from XE1?

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Re: Facing same decision!

WakingMaverick wrote:

I am currently facing the decision making process.

I currently own a X-E1 and a couple lenses.

I decided to stick to my X-E1 as I am too still in the progress of getting to know this camera.

Even after a year, this camera delivers stunning results and it would be a shame to just upgrade to a newer one (if I did I wouldn't think of selling this camera. I would continue to use it as a backup).

Since Fuji is developing and providing lenses that fit all the X system cameras, I suggest, that you continue using your X-E1, invest in more lenses (like the incredible 58mm 1.2) and upgrade to a newer body sometime later.

Another thing is: I am kind of curious as to what FUJI might deliver on the X-Pro 2 front in the future.

Yes, i mean i am getting a lot of keepers from XE1.  IQ is not a reason for me to upgrade.  I just find that taking a picture of my 1.5 years old baby is kind of hard and i dont really want to miss any shot while taking his pictures.
The other dilemma is that i'm going to Japan, and i know it is a country where you can get a lot of nice pictures.  I just want myself to be ready for it, both personal and gear wise.  
If i decideto stick with XE1 for japan trip, i will probably wait until xpro2 come out and see if the af speed will be even faster.  Right now i'm just stuck on what to bring to Japan.

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