In search of image quality

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Re: In search of image quality

doctorxring wrote:

I also have the RX1 in mind because it is at a focal length I like and it does have the FF sensor, which has better DR. I have seen many superb quality photos on the net taken with it. The only two things that I do not like about it are no tilt screen and no IS. But it produces, so these are more nitpicks that anything else I suppose.

Lack of IS should not matter if a tripod is used.

My favorite subject are most often static. I like still life, scenics, and landscapes. I do photograph people at times, but I don't feel I need blinding AF speed, etc. I like to be able to handle low light subjects, but I don't seek them out. So I would like to be able to increase my quality of image and my versatility of kit with this choice.

Sounds to me like you already are a tripod guy.

I am open to consider all options.

A7R is an option. Hard to beat in terms of IQ with the right lenses. A99 too if you already have a bunch of A-mount lenses.

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