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Re: In search of image quality

Yup, there's the manual focus thing I mentioned earlier.  And I agree with every one of your points.

It's easy to get hung up on acquiring gear (and who doesn't want more of that good stuff?).  Sometimes you need to satisfy your need for GAS.  But it's also knowing when to use manual focus; what the optimum aperture is for any given lens to maximize IQ; understanding the importance of shutter speed at any given focal length; dialing in a low ISO.  Lots of variables there but if the person is comfortable and confident in his knowledge and experience with all those things. then it's a good time to look at new gear.

I've seen more than a few people buy lots of expensive stuff, with no idea how to get the most from it.  A relative of a friend some years back once brought an extremely nice FF Nikon DSLR with a very expensive fixed aperture lens to a party I attended, taking essentially snapshots with it.  He asked me to take some shots with it for him during a key part of the celebration that he was a part of.  It was uncomfortable, and I felt more than a little awkward using it because I wasn't very familiar with this gear and took me some time to at least know how to change and use the basic settings (I don't remember exactly, except that he had some odd settings dialed locked in).  Sure enough though, I end up hearing later how after reviewing he was more than a little upset that many of his shots he found disappointing, yet the few dozen that I took he was very happy with.

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