Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

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Re: Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

mike in london wrote:

I already have a great monitor (27" NEC) so dont want to get rid of that, but need a good workstation.

If your NEC monitor is 10bit, you will loose it by moving to OS X platform.

Yes it is its the NEC spectraview reference 271. What would I lose by moving to OSX?


He's probably referring to 10-bit-per-channel workflow support, which you only get if everything in the chain (including the application, the operating system, the video card driver, and the monitor) supports it.

From reading these forums, my impression is that 10-bit support is spotty under Windows (present only in Photoshop and a few other programs, and requiring specific video cards), and more or less non-existent under Mac OS X.

Thus moving to Mac OS X might mean using the monitor only as a monitor with very good 8-bit-per-channel color resolution even if the hardware is capable of more.

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