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Michel J wrote:

dlkeller wrote:

You have a good camera and one of the best zooms available so I'm not sure a lens change is going to really improve images except on an extreme pixel peeking examination.

If you are this discriminating I would make my decision based on specific need rather than a general suggestion. What aspect of performance do you really hope to improve upon?


And it's depends on the future choice of the O.P. (if he want to switch FF or not)

Anyway, the CZ 24mm F/2, is not as good with the A65/A77 (DxO give a ratio of 10 p-MP only) vs CZ 24-70mm 15 p-MP. That tell to me, the zoom should be a better choice imho.

I would forget the RX1, because it's excellent, but not in the same league. And the CZ zoom maybe not so far.

If for a prime, I would prefer the Sony DT 35mm F1.8 SAM. Stunning. And the F/1,8 rocks to get the extra lit to have higher shutter speed. This is the best DT prime ever for the A65/A77. US$250.- only and as good as the Sony 35mm F1.4 G! (US$1369)


Thanks for your comeback Michael

It is indeed surprising that "DxO" would rate the 24mm f/2 in a meager fashion and Photozone would have this to say about it --

"The Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm f/2 ZA SSM is one of the true marvels out there - at least within the analyzed APS-C scope. The lens is exceedingly sharp across the image frame starting straight at f/2 till f/8. The low level of CAs helps to boost the subjective sharpness perception even further. The Zeiss lens produces only a slight to moderate amount of barrel distortion. You may be able to spot some light falloff in the image corners at f/2 but the issue isn't field-relevant anymore from f/2.8 onwards. The quality of the bokeh is very good for such a kind of lens (albeit average in absolute terms) and bokeh fringing (LoCAs) is also very well controlled. The build quality of the Zeiss lens is exceptionally high and the AF delivers a flawless performance. In this lens class Zeiss has reached the highest level of perfection and despite its high price tag it earned our highest praise - highly recommended !


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