Just for fun, ELPH 330 vs Iphone 5

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Just for fun, ELPH 330 vs Iphone 5

My wife got a new iPhone. Every says these are so good you don't need a camera anymore, so I thought I'd see if it can really replace the elph. These are all indoor, no flash.

Set 1 (our baby likes making faces :-)):

I think the iphone did well here. There's a little more noise, but it also has a very pleasing warm saturated look where the Elph looks more natural and flat.  But look how clean and detailed the ELPH 330 is at ISO 800!

Iphone 5c

Elph 330HS

Set #2

Iphone looks pretty noisy, and on top of that, it likes to pick 1/20 shutter speed when light is low, almost guaranteeing motion softness on kid pics.

Elph 330 looks very good, crushing the iphone, IMO.

Of course neither can touch the M bonus shot...

Set 3

Terrible indoor gym lighting. ELph looks a little better, despite being 1.5 stops higher ISO and aperture.

So in summary, good pocket cameras definitely still have their place. Outside at low ISO, the iphone looks great, but where's my 10x zoom? I was very impressed with the iphone 5c overall in that AF and shutter speed are very fast. Maybe faster than the Elph. My biggest complaint is that it loves 1/20 shutter speed and has no way to choose ISO or any manual controls to change that.

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