Does Fujifilm overstates and inflates High ISO ?

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Re: Does Fujifilm overstates and inflates High ISO ?

57LowRider wrote:

Apparently, according to comparisons with a 5DIII as a benchmark (Canon very accurate?). It's not that linear, 1 stop at 6400 down to 1/3 stop at 200 (this is from memory folks, don't beat me up if I'm out a bit). I either read there or elsewhere that Fuji X ISO 200 is everyone else's ISO 125 as well. Sorry I can't link the articles, must have been over a year ago.

Does this knowledge make any difference to my photography? No. Heheh.

Yes it's not linear. At ISO200 it's almost the same as other cameras. At 6400 it's actually equal Sony/Canon's ISO4000. This is sadly a deliberate attempt of Fuji at lying for marketing purpose and it's annoying when people keep saying "woohoo Fuji beats fullframes at ISO6400" then get offended when being told the truth.

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