Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor.

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bjhk wrote:

You better go through the thread.

I finally did - most at least - and I still repeat what I noticed earlier:

To get this type of reflections, I noticed that such shots are stopped down and over exposed.

If you use a wider aperture, and exposure normally, or under-expose + pull shadows, the reflections are far reduced, and may not even be noticeable.

The other factor that seems to play is the rear-exit-pupil distance, or better, in this case, the position of the lens closest to the sensor as one, or the other seem to be reflecting back and forth.

If you switched to an SLR lens, the problem may go away (or be no worse than a DSRL).

Lens coating and sensor topping may play a role. It is interesting to see that Leica cameras are 'clean', but Leica has only one CMOS model out today (M240), so we may be comparing apple and oranges here.

Or, as remedy - if you shoot stopped down and over exposed, use a SLR lens. If not, try a wider aperture and expose normally (or for the highlights at night), and avoid sun-shots.

Something everyone can try out for themselves.

I used a CV lens for this (35mm Nokton) and just took a nightshot on my driveway (outdoor house lights).

At f16 and f22, I noticed the light glare with multiple reflections at the lights. Heck, there was even a center reflection of the aperture itself.

But at f/5.6 and wider, the reflections had pretty much disappeared.

Again, don't over-expose and don't stop down too far, or use an SLR lens(?) and you will be fine.

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