Dear Canon, please say something!

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Please get real

John_A_G wrote:

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phill104 wrote:

More expensive does not mean higher profit margins. I would guess the margin on a 7D is more than on a 6D simply because of the age of the tech. Only Canon knows so your post is just speculation really.

Simple question: which do you think would have a higher margin: a $2000 7dII or a $3000 7dII?

Dude, there won't be a $3000 7D2. Give it up, whatever you are smoking.on what I WANT Canon to do. I WANT them to release an aps-c pro body at $1800 because I want prices to be driven down. But being in business I understand that's a poor strategy.

Dude - whatever you're smoking, an $1800 APS-c body with 10fps and 5dIII AF is a horrible business strategy and without a competitor forcing them to, Canon will not give it to you. I can WANT a million dollar bonus. So, you can throw out all the teenage rhetoric (dude,whatever you are smoking) and it doesn't change the fact that until Nikon pushes them to, you're not getting what you want.

With all this extensive "market knowledge" you seem to have, it should be obvious that product planning is a long term effort and the planning and execution needed to bring any camera to market cannot be done that reactively.  If Canon saw the need for a 7DmK2 2-3 years ago, the execution to bring that to market would likely have started then and the planning even prior to that.  Product development is very forward looking, particularly for long lead items such as sensors.  Canon could elect to hold back a product it has developed, however, in this case that makes little sense to me.  You might not see a niche there (since you seem hell bent on the idea that FF is a viable replacement for high end crop -- we strongly disagree on that point), but I sure do.  Time will tell whether Canon agrees.

You may have plenty of strong opinions, but like me, you have zero data to bring to the table in support of them.  So saying "you're not going to get what you want" might be some nice posturing on your part, but it's meaningless.  You don't know any more than the rest of us.

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