Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

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Re: Better than I expected...

tkbslc wrote:

mike in london wrote:

It's just having used OSX I much prefer it over W8 and there just isn't a logical Mac solution for someone like me with a decent monitor ( so not interested in iMacs)

It's bugging me!

Yes, that's a very common complaint. There should be a $1000-1500 Mac Desktop option with an i7 and real expansion options. I'd even consider a Mac if they had that available. For some reason, Apple has decided this isn't a segment they want to be in. Perhaps they think they wouldn't sell any iMacs or something, who knows.

The Mini and iMac are expandable, so I take it that the 'real expansion' bit is a code phrase for internal slots and drive bays.

Apple made consumer minitowers once, in the PowerPC days.  The Performa minitowers were (mostly) aimed at consumers, while the Power Mac were (mostly) aimed at professionals.

I suspect that Apple got out of the Performa-type business because they like to be in premium market segments where their competency at systems design gives them an overwhelming advantage over just about all challengers.  Anyone can build a beige box, even if they can't throw Mac OS X on it.  Building a system that can challenge an iMac, a Mac Mini, an old Mac Pro, or a new Mac Pro at its strong points is considerably harder.

Given that Apple's current direction for Pro machines is to get rid of slots and bays, I'd be surprised to see them add those to a consumer machine.  If Apple put something with the power of a 27-inch iMac (minus the screen) into a case that was NOT internally expandable (except for RAM), would people buy it?

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