OK I'll just look at M39 and OM glass.... No I won't...

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Re: Your loss...

Lumixdude wrote:

Yep... I need to have a good look at this, my initial reaction wasn't exactly correct. I am just trying to work out where to go here.

As I thought... a 50mm would turn out to be about 100mm and a zoom would it not? The more I look at it, if I wanted a prime in that particular length the Panasonic 50mm F/1.4 is more than reasonably priced. Most other lenses are with some exceptions.


I had used OM since the 70s, and still had a good collection when I bought into 4/3 5 years ago. I have gradually sold most of it odd, finding the native lenses to be stronger than all but the best OM glass I had. The 50/1.8 is worth trying since it's so cheap, but samples vary. The 21/3.5 was very good as a normal lens on 4/3, but it seemed a waste, since it is such an amazing lens on FF, so I sold it and my 85/2 to pay for an E-M5 kit. The 85/2 was also very good on 4/3, but even better in FF. The 135/3.5 OM is surprisingly good for a long portrait lens wide open, and is cheap. But I'm selling that also, since I find the 40-150 does a decent job, even if it doesn't have the same look as classic glass.

The Jupiter 9 85/2 has me curious, but I am really after a native UW M4/3 right now.

But you are right, there are certain lenses, especially OMs that are highly sought after by FF users, and the price reflects it. It also depends on how much time you have and what style of shooting you do. I rarely have the time required to use a MF lens well these days, but the E-M5 certainly makes it a lot more enjoyable than the old 4/3 bodies.

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