Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

lemon_juice wrote:

However, I don't really like what has happened with blu-ray movies. The number of protections, the fact that you need to have all pieces of your equipment compatible with some blu-ray decoding mechanism is some kind of joke. It's as if the creators of blu-ray didn't really want people to buy blu-ray and invented all kinds of obstacles and annoyances to make our lives harder. l.

You don't have a player, but you're convinced they're impossible to use?    I've had quite a few, starting with the PS3 8 years ago.  Never had a complication.  The copy protection schemes are broken within days of release.  If I wanted to give up the space on my NAS, I could rip blu-rays to disk, and then play on my media devices.   No, this is not really a legitimate complaint, unless DVDs are boycotted for CSS, and VHS for Macrovision.

Blu-ray adoption continues to pace ahead of DVD, though I think that will not be maintained as enough people switch to streaming models.  But the quality suffers considerably, and that's why many still opt for the optical disk, with bit rates 2-6 times higher than you see with Netflix.  In the US, broadband just isn't keeping pace, and it falls further with UHD.

It's fairly hard now going back to DVD, just as it's nearly impossible to watch a SD movie on TV.

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