Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

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Re: are you serious....

Scott Eaton wrote:

>>>it appears that Apple gives you no desktop choices in between the Mac Mini and Mac Pro. That's amazing.

It's not amazing. It's been Apple's sales model for about a decade now. The iMac is kept castrated as to create a need for the Mac Pro. Last decent true power desktop no / Pro Apple made was the G4. The G5 was only as good as Apple's marketing hype could find a reason to switch to Intel.

When you're marketing to knuckleheads who think Intel builds special processors for Apple and the Xeon has some magical processing capabilities....

Xeons traditionally excel  at floating point operations, which is good for 3d rendering.

I work primarily in data centers now, but for the record the term 'workstation' went out of vogue about the time terms like 'baud' and 'SGI' become obsolete. No CIO I know of will sign a rec for a 'workstation' class machine because they are a waste of money.

Today's Windows workstation means a system with Quadro or Firepro card. And they are worth having, if 3d rendering is your bread & butter. Else wise, not so much.

Xeon's on desktop = money throw in the toilet because the Xeon's only real advantage is more physical processors, and more physical processors only benefits horizontal scaling and not vertical.

3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4d, After Effects  and Premiere etc are all very hyper threaded and will max all the cores you can throw at them.

An E-5 quad core will get raped by a six Core i7, and the i7 machine is a lot cheaper. Good luck finding that architecture in an Apple product, because if you did there woulnd't be a market for the Mac Pro now would there? You can of course get i7 machines with the same horsepower as the Mac pro at 1/3 to 1/4 the price. The fact OSX won't install on them does not change reality.

For HD video rendering in Premiere perhaps, for 3d the mac pro has the hardware to be a winner. Two w9000 cards alone would cost more than the entire dual D700 (same gpu) Mac Pro. Unfortunately, Apple has of yet to deliver Open GL drivers that result in the performance numbers that the hardware sound capable of delivering.

So for right now you may be right in terms of the Adobe, Autodesk and Cinema 4d offerings. OTH, if you are committed (or willing to use)  Final Cut Pro, these machines are amazing.

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