Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

CAcreeks wrote:

Nonetheless Blu-Ray seems good for archiving, with better theoretical longevity than DVD.

I don't like BluRay for archiving because of (a) its limited storage capacity compared to hard drives, which leads to (b) a lot of manual effort to deal with bulk data.

IMHO you need two or more copies, one of which is stored offsite, for really good data protection.   But just as important is periodic checks that your media is readable.   If one of your copies goes bad you need to find out about it before the other copy(ies) go(es) bad so that you can recover.

With my hard drive backups I simply plug in the drive and let the computer take its time verifying my backup checksums while I attend to other matters.   It's easy, so I do it every month when I rotate my long term backups.

I can't do that for BluRay discs because of all the manual handling that would be involved.  I'd have to swap out from 30 to 60 discs to verify the 3TB worth of data I currently have archived.  I wouldn't do that regularly, which means the integrity of my data would be a lot less certain.

Yes, hard drives are subject to mechanical failure.  But BluRay disks are subject to failure too, and the ability to easily verify the hard drives gives them the edge for data integrity IMHO.

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