Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

With the LG 14x SATA Blu-Ray burner selling for $70, and blank discs about $1 each, the economics are compelling for anybody who likes a disc-based workflow. Except you will have to send a CD or DVD to friends or customers, because they probably won't have a Blu-Ray drive.

malch wrote:

But in more recent years, my experience with optical disks in general has been way less than stellar and I came dislike them. More importantly, I started to mistrust them for data.

I think DVDs are way less reliable than CDs ever were, and the accelerated aging tests agree. This could be why you came to the conclusion you did.

I dislike the things and the per disk storage capacity is too small to be really useful or convenient.

Yes, even 25GB is not huge if you shoot Raw. But Blu-Ray reportedly has far more longevity than DVD.

USB3 drives have hugely more capacity and they're enormously faster and easier to store.

We have had several USB sticks fail, so I am a believer in SD or micro SD cards, instead.

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