Fujifilm XF 35 vs 23 (Portrait, People, Facial/Body proportion)

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Re: Fujifilm XF 35 vs 23 (Portrait, People, Facial/Body proportion)

Thank you for posting pictures!

I really like that link, Going to save it for future reference. The face seems slimmer at the wider the lens.

I like this

"the focal length of a lens doesn’t cause the distortion, it’s the distance to the subject."

So regarding the X100S focal length.

Personally I like to get intimate with the people I encounter, as long as I can tell they are comfortable. For example, the kind of distance sitting right across someone at a cafe, or with-in 3ft-5ft (4-7 foot steps away) (0.8m - 1.5m) or 10 feet away for the group vacation shots (10 footsteps) (3m).

Would X100S's focal length be good for flattering facial features with my distance preference?

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