Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: Look at the results too

blue_skies wrote:

Lab D wrote:

When the top 25 pictures were chosen from the all the challenges from 2013, the finalists can only be described as spectacular photography that we should all aspire to.

Of the top 9, four were taken by E-M5s which shows us what those cameras can do. I am not saying the E-M5 is responsible for the best photography (photographers are), but the many of best photographers pick the E-M5 and (end up in the top 10 of they year). With all the "camera of the year" awards even more are picking the E-M1.

You keep repeating that, but how does this prove anything?

How do "results" prove anything? What a peculiar question. Maybe some here only care about sensor size and expensive gear. For me, those "results' are what I, and those serious about taking great pictures, strive for. Results are the "proof" I look for.

at least let images to the talking and stop the mumbo jumbo.

That is what DPR challenges are all about, "Stop the 'mumbo jumbo' and show us the results."

Well, look at the real world results in the "challenges of challenges" and stop the meaningless

but the many of best photographers pick the E-M5

link please?

Here you go!

Good luck with you camera this year. I hope to see you in some of the challenges.

We really should congratulate these guys. These winning pics are spectacular.

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