Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: archiving, movies

lemon_juice wrote:

I generally like optical discs because they are practical for cheaply storing chunks of data in different pieces - for example, I have a film or a collection of photos and I have it on a disc and can give it, send it to someone or store on the shelf for archiving.

Same here. I would hesitate to rely on Lightroom, or any product from a company with an unknown future, to store a database of my images. Much easier to put each trip on 2 optical discs, storing one at home and one elsewhere.

I'm waiting for the m-disc blu-ray discs to appear...

Did not know about this, thank you. You probably know that DVD+-R has shorter lifespan than good CDR, which is why my vote was "it's a shame."

However, I don't really like what has happened with blu-ray movies.

Movies in general are far less entertaining now than TV, especially streamed on demand via Netflix. IMO. And Blu-Ray's "bag of hurt" is not helping the movie industry.

Maybe Blu-Ray is viable just for archiving?

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