Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: I like what Sony did

blue_skies wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

Yes etc. I think EM1 is a better cam because it is much better rounded. Everything seems to be very good. It is why it got a Gold Award on dpreview and A7 a silver award.

Off topic and debated elsewhere - even dpreview says that you cannot compare across camera lines, and the last time I checked they were not in the same category. To me a FF silver award is MUCH HIGHER than a m43 gold award ...

Another one, who I hold in high regard, is Michael Reichmann. He likes the Sony A7R a a lot. But he chose the EM1 as his cam of the year and it is the cam he takes with him to antarctica (he got a PhaseoNE IQ250 with him too btw).


That is the point: the IQ of the EM1 is so good, that to his mind (and my mind) for allround purposes the EM1 is the better cam. For some specialised purposes I think the A7R is the better option (landscaping, but you need a very good lens here).

What is best for personal use is of course a personal matter.

If you limit yourself, the EM1 does a great job.

Yes, Michael Reichman is of the kind that limits himself. He has a PhaseOne IQ250 at his disposal. Yes..he is a very limiting person...

If you limit yourself even further, you may as well take a P&S (RX10, RX100).

Nonsense. I could just buy a A7 or A7R and be very limited in my lenschoice.

Really, there is a large overlap between RX100 and m43 - more so than m43 and A7/r.

Use the appropriate comparsion. not apples and oranges like you do here...

EM1 camera of the year? So what? That is product marketing, catering to masses, solving product choice dilemmas.

Any proof of that in this specific example. Who got how much to say what?

It is the result here at dpreview, it is the result of Michael Reichmann. NOt really a 4/3 fan in the past to say the least btw...

Michael Reichmann taking the EM1 to antarctica WITH a Phase One is not the same as going with ONLY an EM1 or ONLY a A7/r, is it?

He only did so because PhaseOne suggested it recently to him. Was not his choice. His choice was EM1.

Also, antartica is mostly landscapes, I guess that the RX10 would do fine with weathersealing and single lens - you would shoot most shots stopped down, I am sure.

Reichmann took the EM1 for the reasons you can read. It has no weak points.

I am sure Michael would have taken the Sony A7r if it came with benefits

That is easy to say, but difficult to prove. So: any prove for this assumption? Reichmann told you so?

I found this response of yours  lacking any real arguments actually.

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