Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: I like what Sony did

Jorginho wrote:

Yes etc. I think EM1 is a better cam because it is much better rounded. Everything seems to be very good. It is why it got a Gold Award on dpreview and A7 a silver award.

Off topic and debated elsewhere - even dpreview says that you cannot compare across camera lines, and the last time I checked they were not in the same category. To me a FF silver award is MUCH HIGHER than a m43 gold award ...

Another one, who I hold in high regard, is Michael Reichmann. He likes the Sony A7R a a lot. But he chose the EM1 as his cam of the year and it is the cam he takes with him to antarctica (he got a PhaseoNE IQ250 with him too btw).


That is the point: the IQ of the EM1 is so good, that to his mind (and my mind) for allround purposes the EM1 is the better cam. For some specialised purposes I think the A7R is the better option (landscaping, but you need a very good lens here).

What is best for personal use is of course a personal matter.

If you limit yourself, the EM1 does a great job.

If you limit yourself even further, you may as well take a P&S (RX10, RX100).

Really, there is a large overlap between RX100 and m43 - more so than m43 and A7/r.

EM1 camera of the year? So what? That is product marketing, catering to masses, solving product choice dilemmas.

Michael Reichmann taking the EM1 to antarctica WITH a Phase One is not the same as going with ONLY an EM1 or ONLY a A7/r, is it?

Also, antartica is mostly landscapes, I guess that the RX10 would do fine with weathersealing and single lens - you would shoot most shots stopped down, I am sure.

I am sure Michael would have taken the Sony A7r if it came with benefits

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