Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

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Re: Your opinion on Blu-Ray?

CAcreeks wrote:

Steve Jobs disliked Blu-Ray ("bag of hurt") and Apple still doesn't support it well. You can buy a Windows PC with Blu-Ray drive, usually as an extra-cost option. Blockbuster is gone and relatively few consumers buy Blu-Ray movies. Nonetheless Blu-Ray seems good for archiving, with better theoretical longevity than DVD.

I generally like optical discs because they are practical for cheaply storing chunks of data in different pieces - for example, I have a film or a collection of photos and I have it on a disc and can give it, send it to someone or store on the shelf for archiving. They also have convenient format for putting them into a box and there is space on them for labelling. And they are something physical that I can really own as opposed to "cloud". There are quite a number of such small details in which they have advantage over other media available today.

I don't own a blu-ray drive yet as I don't need so much archival storage now so I use dvds - but I'm waiting for the m-disc blu-ray discs to appear and then I'm planning to get one. I think blu-rays are great for archiving provided the amount of data to manage isn't huge.

However, I don't really like what has happened with blu-ray movies. The number of protections, the fact that you need to have all pieces of your equipment compatible with some blu-ray decoding mechanism is some kind of joke. It's as if the creators of blu-ray didn't really want people to buy blu-ray and invented all kinds of obstacles and annoyances to make our lives harder. This is the reason why I'm not in any hurry to buy blu-ray for films since I'm not going to throw away my good monitor and my computer that performs very well for me just because blu-ray has some absurd requirements and the companies treat me as a thief from day one. Sure, if I were an avid fan of watching films at home then I'd sure go for it but I'm not. I'll use my time for more useful activities and go to the cinema instead.

So for me it's mixed bag. On one hand it's a great format for storing data and I wish it improved with its capacities but on the other hand the big companies has applied so many restrictions to this format for film distribution that I'm not really convinced that if I buy a film on a blu-ray then I really own it.

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