Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: I like what Sony did

Yes etc. I think EM1 is a better cam because it is much better rounded. Everything seems to be very good. It is why it got a Gold Award on dpreview and A7 a silver award.

Another one, who I hol din high regard, is Michael Reichmann. He like sthe Sony A7R a a lot. But he chose the EM1 as his cam of the year and it is the cam he takes with him to antarctica (he got a PhaseoNE IQ250 with him too btw).

Reichmann: EM1 cam of the year..

His conclusion says it all, to me:

"When everything is considered, what we have is a camera that really speaks to the knowledgeable photographer, one can appreciate that behind the seeming complexity of the camera's controls and menu system lies the industry's most configurable camera. You just need to be willing to take the time to master it.

Image quality hasn't been mentioned because there isn't much new to say. It's extremely good. Most cameras these days produce image quality far superior to what most photographers are able to realize. I've written it before, and I believe it to be true. Sure, the pixel peepers can recite DxO ratings and cite the half-an-IE high-ISO advantages of one camera over another. But this is mostly the stuff of hobbyist mania. For me, and many other photographers, content is king and usability is its mistress. Just about any contemporary camera used competently can produce excellent images, and the E-M1 as good as if not better than most.

Photographers interested in heading out into the world with a top quality camera, with high usability, the ability to take almost any lens ever made, and do so while producing 16MP images of excellent quality at up to ISO 3200, and even higher, will find that the E-M1 won't disappoint. And for this reason I rank the E-M1 as the best camera of 2013."

That is the point: the IQ of the EM1 is so good, that to his mind (and my mind) for allround purposes the EM1 is the better cam. For some specialised purposes I think the A7R is the better option (landscaping, but you need a very good lens here).

What is best for personal use is of course a personal matter.

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