Fujifilm XF 35 vs 23 (Portrait, People, Facial/Body proportion)

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Re: Fujifilm XF 35 vs 23 (Portrait, People, Facial/Body proportion)

mistermejia wrote:

Ed B wrote:

I have the 35mm lens and think it's very good for casual portraits but it's a little short to be considered a portrait lens. Here's a snapshot I took yesterday. Spur of the moment type picture but it might give you an idea of what the 35mm (52mm full frame equivalent) focal length is like.

Click on picture for full size

It really depends WHAT you want to capture. I personally don't like 35mm, is too long for me and would prefer the 23mm lens. when i took this photo i was around 3 yards away or so and this is the only thing i could frame, i could not get back anymore. I was very disappointed when i got home and saw this.

I can understand how you feel and that's the main reason I hardly ever use a prime lens when I go to an event/function.

I love prime lenses but never seem to be in the situation where I can "zoom" in or out, with my feet.

I usually just throw on the 18-55mm lens and leave the primes at home.

I know the X100/100s cameras are great but that single focal length lens just wouldn't work for me and I agree that the 35mm would be just as limiting.

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