Just received my 16-35 VR, want to check sample variation

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Re: Just received my 16-35 VR, want to check sample variation

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I very much doubt that this lens is any more subject to sample variation than any other complex VR zoom. The lens is often criticized by f/2.8 enthusiasts and those who feel VR is not needed on wide angle lenses. The edges are indeed weak at 35mm. For the corners f/8 helps over much of the focal length range, and some people don't like to have to stop down.

My concern with this lens was not on the long end but on the short ens, it has worse distortion at 16mm than the 14-24 at 14, wider open or stop down it never reach the same performance level as the 14-24, especially the corner there is a pretty obvious difference.

I own the 16-35 and rented the 14-24 to do some comparisons. I found them to be equally sharp at f/5.6 and f/8. There was no "obvious difference."


Well, perhaps I have a bad luck with the two I tried so at the end I kept my 14-24 and returned the 16-35 VR, I really want to like the lens because it makes it easier to use ND/GND filters but I ended up getting a brand new Lucroit 160mm X200mm filter system just for this 14-24 and my TSE 17, by the way, even my Samyang 14 was sharper at the edge than the 16-35 I had.

I have the Samyang also.  It is about as sharp as my 16-35.  Maybe a bit more so.  Color and contrast like a Nikkor, which simplifies things.

I know that I have had good luck with these two lenses.  I don't deny the reality of sample variation.  I had to return my first 16-35 because it had a glaring defect in the glass.  The owner of the seller, a well-known online and bricks and mortar camera store, said he had never seen anything like that from Nikon.

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