Dear Canon, please say something!

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Still not buying it

John_A_G wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

mikero wrote:

Or to put it another way...

No 7DII, so probably no D400.

In the meantime, little by little, people migrate to FF with higher margins for both Canon and Nikon, and the opportunity to sell a shed load of L glass.

Do you have any data to back that? At any given price point, FF will be more costly and yield lower margins

Yes - that is why you do not see full frame cameras with comparable specs to an APS-C camera priced the same as the aps-c camera.

than a roughly equivalent crop camera. People tend to target price points and buy the best they can at those price points.

I disagree with that. People buy based on perceived value. They bought higher MP cameras and paid more for them than they wanted because they perceive it will get them a better result.

And for some, it might.  For many others, it is not a step up, but rather a step down in some ways.  It can require many excellent lenses to be replaced (17-55, 10-22,...), which is a costly proposition with little benefit if the other advantages of FF are not a big deal (primarily higher ISO IQ).  Right now, a FF camera with specs sufficient to replace a 7D for sports, birding, or other such uses (from Canon, only the 5DMk3) costs at least $1K over the anticipated price point for a 7DMk2.  I'm sure that will come down over time, but until it does... not interested.

Same with full frame. People will pay more for a full frame because they perceive it will give them better results.

It might... but are the "better results" worth that much more in cost?  The closer the price gap, the less this becomes an issue.  So, over time, it might make sense.  However, the lens replacement issue won't go away and it's a factor in the cost equation.

Whether or not any of these perceptions are reality for a given buy is debatable. But price point is hardly the deciding point - especially when someone is buying their second camera.

Perhaps for you it isn't.  Can't say that's true for many others, myself included.  I love the 5DMk3 and would seriously consider it if it were a lot closer to the $2K mark (body only).  I've gone thru the math many times while patiently waiting for the 7D replacement to show up.  It still isn't near the point where it makes sense for me.  I don't think I'm alone in that sentiment.

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