Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: Ladies? - use of anthropomorphic language ...

Lab D wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

Lab D wrote:

Maybe it is what you had on hand. FYI, The Panasonic would be a better lens to compare since it is also only 24-70mm and does not have the optics for a close up lens as the Sony doesn't either. You will find the Panasonic is smaller than the Olympus, but maybe that was not your point (since you left the hood one the Olympus).

As for understanding exposure think of lens apertures like this. A fat lady and a thin lady are laying on the beach. Who will get sun burnt faster? Answer: both will burn/tan the same despite the fat lady having 4x the skin area.

... in a technical discussion is a sign of immaturity.

Since you don't understand the technical language and insists on the analogies, here is one for you. If you have two pans under the rain and one has 4 times larger surface (representing sensors), which one will have the deepest water level? It will be the same level for both.

I've seen that analogy too. Weather forcasters use it all the time and will tell you the size of the pan doesn't matter for measuring the amount of rain one is getting.

This is what makes the analogy work well, you can get the same depth of rain in each pan (same f/stop), but the large pan collects more water.  In terms of digital sensors, this means that the larger sensor collected more light for the same exposure.  You can use trade offs of full frame sensors to make the larger sensor more flexible.

If a full frame camera has 16 MP and an m4/3 sensor has 16 MP.  Each "pan" is 4 times as large on the full frame as each "pan" on the m4/3.  So at the same exposure, each pan captured 4 times as much water sitting in the rain for the same amount of time and same intensity of rain.  If you have more pixels which are the same size (say 64 MP on the Full frame), then your pixel level noise/detail will be similar, but your image level noise/detail will be greater on full frame since you had more pans in the rain you can combine them together or not to make a cleaner or more detailed image.

Full frame is just more flexible.  You might or might not need that flexibility.


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