Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: It is very simple

Lab D wrote:

So you are saying that the RX100 has too much noise at ISO400?

Compared to what?  It has more noise than the A7 but less than a Stylus 1.

Are you saying that it would be unusable in good light at that ISO?

Depends on how big you print/crop and how sensitive you are to noise in an image.

I would think that almost everyone would be extremely happy with the low noise and that would be the last of the considerations at that exposure.

1/100 is pretty slow for anything but mostly static humans - what if you need 1/400 or better?  Same amount of "good" light but now you are at least ISO 1600.

If you took at picture in broad daylight with the RX10, A7 and E-M1 all at ISO400, almost all photographers would find the noise levels acceptable and not worth mentioning.\

That's summarized by saying "better is the enemy of good enough."   There is a reason different people choose different options even if an RX10 or E-M5 is "good enough" for some arbitrary conditions.

For example, look at the first 9 images here. 4 of them were taken with the E-M5. Does the noise bother you in any of the images

The lady in #7 is over sharpened and noisy even at web size, but that's an older Oly at ISO 100.

to the point where you believe a medium frame camera should have been used?

Medium format cameras are rather poor for noise - they just provide more pixels at base ISO.

I guess if noise does bother you that much, then a camera like the Nikon D800 is a better choice.

Well I use Canon FF but the Nikon would be fine. Or I use a NEX APS-C.  Shooting decent images at ISO 3200 is fun. BTW, this is pretty much the same EV as your "good lighting" -- how do you think the RX10 would have done here?

Or here -- although 1/40 @ f/1.4 and ISO 3200 is hardly "good" lighting (it was too dark to focus - they had to turn a flashlight on the subject so we could focus.)

But, yes camera choice is a personal weighting of tradeoffs.

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