Fujifilm XF 35 vs 23 (Portrait, People, Facial/Body proportion)

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Re: Fujifilm XF 35 vs 23 (Portrait, People, Facial/Body proportion)

An old article but I think it tells you what you are looking for.


Distortion is caused by distance to subject - how close do you want to be to your subjects - or in other words, how large do you want the subject to be in your photos?

The closer you are - the larger the subject and bigger the distortion - use a longer lens and you don't have to be so close to get the same subject size in the image.

AJ153 wrote:

Once I get the Fuji X100s, I will think about upgrading to the X-T1 if I ever need the 35mm

Recap of what I look for

My personal preference is prime lenses, and people photography. I love to capture the natural beauty of people (their faces, and fashion). Not in a clinical environment, but outdoors, in the streets, window light, or in a well lite cafe. I love taking group photos, and I love candid shots. My personal taste in aesthetically beautiful shots are those with tons of natural soft whites, luminant, uniquely soft vivid colors, and natural skin with a hint of a soft bright tone. I also love going on morning,afternoon, and evening hikes into nature. Inside a forest or a the massive landscapes of a meadow. I also like street photography. For that I go to Chicago an hour away.

My question is does anyone have samples or a side-by-side comparison of XF 35 and 23mm? Anyone have thoughts,opinions on these two lenses? like distortion and human eye perspective? Which gives the more appealing look to peoples faces, and body proportion? Which looks more natural? Because in the case of me upgrading to the X-T1; I think I would only need one the two once I get the X100S?

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