Dear Canon, please say something!

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Re: Sorry, not buying it

Joe Pa wrote:

People get way too emotional when it comes to these discussions. We can argue / debate all we want but Canon will release a 7DII if and when they believe there's a reason to do so. It will have the sensor and features they deem it should based on input from their marketing team.

I personally doubt it will be FF, as I think Canon still want a links a crop sensor in their pro line. Canon seems to be pushing out a number of EF-S lenses and people aren't going to invest much in them if the road ends at the X0D (IMO). As I said previously, I will be totally shocked if it's MSRP isn't $1999 or higher, I'm thinking $2499 with a kit lens.

I really believe Canon will release a 7D II or some other high end APS-C camera as well.  I personally think it will come soon.  I shot a 1D3 and a 1D4 for quite a while.  I recently had to downgrade to a 7D for the time being due to some high tuition bills for my son.  I picked up a low mileage used model to mitigate the loss when I upgrade again.  At this point, however, I'm not overly disappointed in the files I'm getting from the 7D.  They're a bit noisier, and it certainly can't track like the 1D4, but it's really a great little camera.  In 3 or 4 months, I'll likely be itching for something with better AF, but at this point there are few choices...  I don't WANT full frame.  Not at all.  I'm actually enjoying the extra reach I'm getting from the 7D over my old 1D4.  I don't want to give it up!  My 500 f4 feels like a brand new lens.. at least reach-wise.  So, I'll either be searching for a used 1D4, which seems counter-intuitive to spend so much money on such an old camera, or hoping for a 7D II.  I certainly hope that my options for a new camera don't end up being a 5d3 or a 1DX.  The 1DX is too much money, and 8fps is about as slow as I'm willing to go.  I also don't want to have to find money for an 800 5.6 to replace my 500 f4

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