Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: apples and oranges

blue_skies wrote:

Dennis wrote:

OK, so you're saying that it's easier because it doesn't have to be as good. I've always looked at it slightly differently: that it's harder to make a sharp, distortion-free lens for a larger sensor, but it's ok that they're not as sharp because the larger sensor is less demanding.

But the image that comes out of the FF format is sharper: you have higher lp/mm and more lines.

Agreed. It's just how you look at it, I guess ...
- FF lenses are easier to design because they don't have to be as good
- FF lenses aren't as good because it's harder to design them

As far as comparing the two formats, I would never expect for a moment that the m43 combo would approach the FF combo for resolution. I expect resolutions of sensors of all sizes to increase over time. m43 is at 16MP now, but will be at 36MP in 5 years. FF is at 36MP now; maybe 72MP in 5 years. Makers of both lenses are trying to eke out sharpness.

I think you are wishing, not knowing.

I'm just throwing out random numbers, my point being that makers of decent lenses for any format (assuming interchangeable lenses) aren't taking it easy based on today's sensors. And more to the point of what I think is being implied here, I don't think they're taking it easy because all they have to do is outresolve micro 4/3 !

If the statement was that it's easy to design FF lenses that capture more detail across the frame than m43 lenses, I'd agree. But I don't think anyone is doing that, and therefore, I don't think that in practice, making FF lenses is easier.

If you are after total IQ, wouldn't FF be your only game?

Of course !

Sony has 20Mp 1" sensors, that are restricted in ISO. Do you want m43 to walk that route? Become a day-time only solution?

Restricted in what way ? Certainly not because they're 20MP, but because they're 1". And they beat the pants off my old 6MP APS-C sensor.

Why keep comparing, wishing and hoping?

I think you misunderstood me completely. I was only trying to say that I don't see FF lenses being easier to design than smaller lenses. Easier to beat small systems in total resolution, sure.

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