Should I upgrade to XT1 from XE1?

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Re: Should I upgrade to XT1 from XE1?

bobvarakrit wrote:

Ok guys, need your inputs here. Currently I have Fuji XE1 with 35mm, 18-55 and 55-200mm. I am looking to invest into the system by buying more lens in the future. I am like a lot of you guys who move from 5DMK2 because they are so heavy. Pictures I like to take are my 1.5 years old baby, landscape, portraits, animals, little bit of street, and well, pretty much of everything. I plan to print my favorite pictures and out them up at my home. The biggest will most likely be around 20x30.
The biggest gripe I have with XE1 is of course auto focus speed, shutter lag, and also evf. I must admit, though, that I have not read the manual. And i have not really used XE1 to its maximum capability. I'm sure that I would be able to miss less captured moments if i learn how to use it more. However, i might be going to japan for vacation at the end of this month. And I dont really want to miss a thing when I go there. japan is a very beautiful country and I want to be ready, gear wise at least.
Problem is i dont want to carry my 5d with 16-35, 50mm, 100 macro, and what not. I did that last time but i dont want to do it this time. So my dilemma is should I buy XT1? Do you think it would be an upgrade? I havent have much time with XE2 when they come out so i dont really know how much of an improvement it is over XE1. Can those of you who made an upgrade from XE1 to XE2 or XT1 (have played around with) chime in your finding on this topic please?

In Thailand we cant really buy and return product. The most we can do is play around in the store, which i cant really tell if it's working better or not in real life situation.

thank you for your comments and feedbacks.

I also have an xe1 and have an xt1 on preorder.  Obviously few, if any, of us have seen the camera let alone handle/use it.

As far as IQ, we're not talking about anything different than what we already have.  I have no doubt the pixel peepers will unite and crucify this comment but IQ will be the same.  The issue is, does the xe1 prevent you from achieving this IQ?  Have your issues with AF, shutter lag and the evf limited your current photographic skills?  If not, its not like Fuji will stop introducing new bodies and you can always jump in when that day comes.

I have no issues with the AF speed or evf lag. Neither detracts from my ability to capture an image.  I have serious quibbles with the control set.  Quibbles that cause me to not bother optimizing the camera for certain shots as I don't care to deal with it.  Not a fault of the camera but my willingness to deal with it.  As an eyeglass wearer, a person who enjoys shooting at night and lives in very high contrast sunny South Florida, the evf on the xe1 is borderline useless for me.  I came from decades of shooting good dslr's (my last a D800) and the evf has always struck me as something one would find on a p&s.

The xt1's evf and what I see as a much improved, for me, control set, were the reasons for my upgrading.

Another consideration was the sensor.  The 16mp Sony/Fuji sensor, for my night shooting, reigns supreme.  I've been at 36 and 24 mp counts and they don't sway me.  So, before Fuji mucks around with the sensor, I thought I might lock into one I like.

Perhaps this entire discussion is irrelevant?  Can you obtain an xt1 this month?

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