Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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I look at it this way.

Dennis wrote:

viking79 wrote:

Dennis wrote:

Emacs23 wrote:

I bet 24-70 is better. Larger sensor — easier to design.

Since when ?

To look at this another way, pretend I wanted to get a "16 MP" image out of the camera. For the E-M1 that would require 133 lp/mm, but a lens with only 68 lp/mm would be fine on A7 or A7R. This is very low and easy to design, where 133 lp/mm is getting exceedingly difficult and expensive.

OK, so you're saying that it's easier because it doesn't have to be as good. I've always looked at it slightly differently: that it's harder to make a sharp, distortion-free lens for a larger sensor, but it's ok that they're not as sharp because the larger sensor is less demanding.

As far as comparing the two formats, I would never expect for a moment that the m43 combo would approach the FF combo for resolution. I expect resolutions of sensors of all sizes to increase over time. m43 is at 16MP now, but will be at 36MP in 5 years. FF is at 36MP now; maybe 72MP in 5 years. Makers of both lenses are trying to eke out sharpness.

I don't know anyone that needs 36MP.  Even amoung my professional friends, they all say they don't need to print that large too.

What I want is to be able to shoot picture like the best of the DP Review challenges.  And we found out after voting that 4 of the top 9 pictures were taken with an E-M5.  THAT is more important to me that arguing about trying to get super high resolution that for me is un-needed ( and it was not needed for those 4 images either).

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