Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: It is very simple

Lab D wrote:

It is very simple. Take a specific lighting situation. If a P&S camera needs F/2.8, a shutter speed of 1/60th, and ISO 400, then your E-M1, A7R, RX10, etc. all can use very similar settings to achieve the same exposure. If you decide that you RX10 has " a bgigger sesnor" and try to lower the ISO or rasie the shutter speed, then one of the other 2 setting will need to change accordingly. If you don't the result will be under-exposed.

I guess then I don't really know who you were replying to or in what context you were making your comment on exposure.

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