Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

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Re: Workstation choices - high end PC or Mac Pro

mike in london wrote:

I have been a PC user (W8) and have been all my computer life until recently. I bought a rMBP recently as I couldn't find a well made high performance PC laptop I liked as W8 handles high res laptop screens so badly.

I have one as well, it's absolutely fantastic.

I was totally smitten with it and now my old (6 years old!) PC workstation is becoming unreliable and I need a replacement. I already have a great monitor (27" NEC) so dont want to get rid of that, but need a good workstation.

Yes, you won't find an apple monitor that compares to a high end NEC.

I am considering the Mac Pro but it seems a bit overkill for just PShop and Capture One use but its the only real alternative, but it would work out more expensive (a lot more) than a high end PC (which I can fit internal extra drives in) as i will have to buy a thunderbolt 2 external data drive to go with it too.

Yes, it is totally overkill if you are not doing HD Video or producing 3d graphics or special effects.

Not really comfortable just plugging the rMBP in to the monitor as often my wife needs to use the laptop at the same time as I'm using the main computer.

If this is the only reason, as others have mentioned, a lower end laptop or a tablet for wifey may be the econimical choice.

I keep dithering between getting a high spec PC bulit...

$1000-1200 will build you a screamin' photo editing machine that can be upgraded for HD video and 3d rendering.

and getting the Mac pro as it will cost me much less to get a PC which runs faster (benchmark tested too) but am drawn to the Mac Pro so I am fully Mac which seems to make more sense...

$3000 to $4000 will get you screamin' photo editing machine that's ready for HD video and 3d rendering.

Is it too mad to run a W7 (would probably swap back, but that seems such a retrograde step) workstation and a rMBP together or does will it not be that much of a problem?

No its perfectly fine to run win7 & osX together. That's what I do, a top end rMBP and a 6 core, 32GB, gtx660ti, win7-64 workstation ($1300). They share the same network, RAID array and printers and play real nice together. And, I can always boot the rMBP in Windows if I need it. It's super sweet versatile setup in my view.

Same at work, in my dept we share about 100 Macs 90 Windows systems and they all rock steady.

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