Kilimanjaro 'Safari': Animals of Africa

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Kilimanjaro 'Safari': Animals of Africa

Last week's vacation wasn't all night shots, which I shared in my previous two threads...I also actually woke up during daylight hours and snapped a few shots too!  Those who've visited Disney World and been to Animal Kingdom know the ride called 'Kilimanjaro Safari', which is a nice open-sided truck drive through a Savannah-like terrain and fenceless enclosures of animals which at least lend themselves to some scenic shots that don't look too 'zoo' like.  It's challenging to shoot from the moving truck, which doesn't slow for many photo opportunities given it's a ride at a theme park and needs to cycle through hundreds of thousands of guests a day, but still fun - I was using the A580 and SAL 18-250 which is a useful focal range for such conditions where some animals might be 5 feet away, and others 100 feet.

Here's the 'Savannah overlook' that gives an idea of how Disney went through the trouble to plant native-African plants and groom the tropics of Florida to look more like semi-arid Tanzania

The young giraffe got up very close to the truck - enough for some nice closeup portraits

Quite elegant from afar, and even OK in profile, but straight on and closeup, they're not very attractive animals!

Female lion hanging out on a warm rock (it was cooler out this trip, so not weather they're probably used to!)

Though the male in the background seemed not to care at all, spending his time sleeping, as lions often do

The crocodiles being cold-blooded didn't have as much choice in the matter - they needed to be out in the sun, sucking up all the warmth they could on a 65 degree afternoon!

The hippos are often underwater as you pass, but as we were almost by, this one popped up, and though he was in horrendous shadow and I had no time for correct exposure, I snapped a shot at ISO1600 and gained it up 2 stops in post...mostly because I just like hippos!

Years of going to Disney World, 4-6 times a year, and this is one of the only times I've ever caught the mandrills visible in their enclosure, let alone actually being up and standing!

Some amazing horns on this beautiful antelope species - though I don't know which species he is!

This gibbon was hanging very casually from a tree branch, eating looked like a precarious perch on a thin branch, but that sneaky tail is firmly grasped to the larger trunk behind

Comments, questions, critique welcomed as always.

Hope you enjoyed a little Florida safari through Africa's animals!

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