Size comparison of FE 4/2470 on A7 vs Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on GX7

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Re: apples and oranges

Dennis wrote:

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Dennis wrote:

Emacs23 wrote:

I bet 24-70 is better. Larger sensor — easier to design.

Since when ?

To look at this another way, pretend I wanted to get a "16 MP" image out of the camera. For the E-M1 that would require 133 lp/mm, but a lens with only 68 lp/mm would be fine on A7 or A7R. This is very low and easy to design, where 133 lp/mm is getting exceedingly difficult and expensive.

OK, so you're saying that it's easier because it doesn't have to be as good. I've always looked at it slightly differently: that it's harder to make a sharp, distortion-free lens for a larger sensor, but it's ok that they're not as sharp because the larger sensor is less demanding.

But the image that comes out of the FF format is sharper: you have higher lp/mm and more lines.

As far as comparing the two formats, I would never expect for a moment that the m43 combo would approach the FF combo for resolution. I expect resolutions of sensors of all sizes to increase over time. m43 is at 16MP now, but will be at 36MP in 5 years. FF is at 36MP now; maybe 72MP in 5 years. Makers of both lenses are trying to eke out sharpness.

Where were they 5 years ago? Below 8Mp? No, they were at 12Mp.

I think you are wishing, not knowing.

If you are after total IQ, wouldn't FF be your only game? 36Mp now versus 16Mp, or 72Mp future versus 36Mp? It keeps a similar ration, why is there a benefit in the future?

Can they make lenses for 36Mp m43 sensors? All their current lenses will be quite bad I guess?

And handling will be a beast - IBIS won't necessarily help 36Mp m43 users and loss of sharpness is the result.

Or, a 36Mp m43 sensor may not show any improvement over 16Mp m43 sensors....

Sony has 20Mp 1" sensors, that are restricted in ISO. Do you want m43 to walk that route? Become a day-time only solution?

FF gives you the best of both worlds - high ISO and high resolution. And it you want m43 DOF, you can stop down. Diffraction limits are much higher than for m43 - another benefit. And if you need more light, you can go wide open - to where m43 cannot even go. Another benefit.

Why keep comparing, wishing and hoping?

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