POLL: What ought to be next m4/3 lens?

Started Feb 6, 2014 | Polls thread
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POLL: What ought to be next m4/3 lens?

Yes, there are a lot of m4/3 lenses, and the list has been growing, but there are still some obvious holes in the line-up. What lenses have you been longing for, but don't yet exist on the shelves?  I've tried to address most of those "holes" in this poll--please forgive me if I've left something out.  Feel free to share with us what dream lens you're keeping an empty compartment in your camera bag for.  Maybe Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, Tokina, or Voightlander have some intern reading this stuff--who knows?

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Wide, Fast, Prime—Consumer Quality/Price
6.6% 11  votes
Wide, Fast, Prime—Professional Quality/Price
9.6% 16  votes
Wide, Fast, Zoom—Consumer Quality/Price
7.8% 13  votes
Wide, Fast, Zoom—Professional Quality/Price
9.0% 15  votes
Superzoom—Consumer Quality/Price
0.6% 1  vote
Superzoom—Professional Quality/Price
7.2% 12  votes
Long, Fast, Zoom—Consumer Quality/Price
4.2% 7  votes
Long, Fast, Zoom—Professional Quality/Price
21.0% 35  votes
Ultra-Long Prime—Consumer Quality/Price
13.2% 22  votes
Ultra-Long Prime—Professional Quality/Price
14.4% 24  votes
Long, Fast, Macro Lens—Consumer Quality/Price
1.8% 3  votes
Long, Fast, Macro Lens—Professional Quality/Price
4.8% 8  votes
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