Noise and ETTR

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Anders W wrote:

yyr wrote:

Note that you can sometimes improve the image quality noticeably in scenes with high dynamic range by shooting multiple images at different exposure and then merging/aligning them in PP. An easy and inexpensive way to do it is by means of an LR-plugin called LR/Enfuse (which costs you a "donation" of two GBP).

Anders, that looks interesting as a bit of software. It seems from your description that you're simply merging the 2 images rather than relying on HDR algorithms and all the pain that can go with that?

Yes. It is technically known as "exposure-blending". The difference compared to "true" HDR based on multiple exposures is that the images are merged with a tone curve already applied. It is usually easy to get palatable results and the software itself as well as your own processing (via LR) of the input gives you some control of the outcome. The number of shots can be only two (as in the first of the two samples I show) but you can use more if you like. The second sample, where the scene has extremely high dynamic range, is based on nine shots, all with the 12/2 at f/4, and a shutter speed varying from 1/8 s to 30 s.

I'm off to make a donation. I was reading about exposure-blending in a thread a couple of days ago. The guy who was using it was a PS user though and I don't want to go down that route. This seems like an excellent alternative. HDR can be great fun but it's not always the 'look' that I want. This sounds great and ideal. Thanks so much for the reference.

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