Now why would many buy the official NX30? (more video & picts)

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Re: Now why would many buy the official NX30? (more video & picts)

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Ditto. I liked NX200 very much. NX300 looks cheap indeed, especially in comparison with NX200.

The NX200 proved very durable for me & the NX300 is proving to be its equal in toughness; I have used both - and I do mean used in an aggressive way. Along with the durability of the NX300 it is a more comfortable camera to hold for me than the NX200.

So when it comes to qualities like feel, durability and ergonomics, we can definitely have differing opinions, even after long time usage.

Rule of thumb,

More plastic used doesn't = Not durable.

I agree with this and with Eric on his comment about the grip and feel of the camera. But in this particular case, I can't agree that the NX200 doesn't seem more durable. It also had a control dial on the back, which is sorely missed on my NX300. The very plasticky look and feel of the brown model, especially on the back, is IMO visibly inferior to the NX200. And while the older camera lacked the leather grip, there were more inexpensive half case options (like HorusBennu).

I just paid $18 on eBay for something that didn't even have strap loops for the included strap, and the pinhole loops on the NX300 are almost useless unless you use ring clips.

So don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the NX (it's why I came back from the wide run of other models), but fit & finish and ergonomics are not better than my NX200 was. I also wish they'd adopt a more traditional shutter button like the Fuji series so you can use a custom cam-in job like you see on Leicas, Fujis, etc.

At the same time, more metal used doesn't = Reliable.

Certainly, but on a small camera more metal just feels more solid to me.

There's always pros & cons, so it depend on the material usage application. We've seen some very unsafe cases with the metal casing Apple iPhone, iPad.

Yes, and speaking of shock, you probably stand more chance of damaging internal components with a solid metal body.

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