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Dear fellow forumites,

I have a question regarding noise, and how best to avoid it.  I'm aware of the usual preventative measures - using as low an ISO as possible, improving it in PP etc. - but I was wondering, having seen mention of noise and ETTR (exposing to the right) are there are any other ways of reducing noise at the time of shooting?

I might have got the wrong end of the stick, but I recall reading that noise is reduced if you expose to the right - is this correct?  I don't normally change the EV in camera before taking a shot and rely on making exposure adjustments in PP, is this a bad thing?  I've never had an image (yet) that couldn't be recovered in Lightroom using the appropriate sliders, but I've a sneaky suspicion that making these adjustments in PP might actually exacerbate noise.

Should I be making sure the image is as perfectly exposed as possible before taking the shot rather than relying on my trusty OMD-EM5's assessment?

And, what exactly does exposing to the right mean?  Sorry for being such an ignoramus - I have hitherto assumed it would benefit my pictures, but I don't actually know what it means.

Some info about me:

-  I always shoot RAW, but find the JPEG results from the EM5 sometimes surpass my ability to alter RAW images and manipulate noise/contrast etc.

-  I find that the histogram in LR during PP is almost always bunched up (and touching) in the left hand side, before I've made any adjustments - could this be chronic underexposure?

-  I use the exposure, recovery and fill light sliders in LR with blinkies for highlight/shadows to asses what I need to correct

Any help greatly appreciated.


ETTR works only for RAW not JPEG

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