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And what about Ricoh badged products?? We've seen the shots of the Pentax compacts re-badged as Ricohs, but perhaps there will be forthcoming new and higher grade Ricoh cameras? They appear to have ceased production of the GRX, leaving only the fixed lens APSC GR compact. I'm wondering if we'll see some kind of mirror-less GRX or K01 replacements under the Ricoh badge.


If they were to release a Pentax badged K-01 replacement, I'd be excited. It it was re-badged as Ricoh, that's when I would start walking away and Fuji (XT-1) or Sony (A7) would start getting my money.

Why would you do that?

This is what I posted on the topic in another forum:

I would argue that branding is extrememly important to a lot of people, and brand identity coupled with what individual brands mean to consumers is not trivial at all. Look at the auto industry. When GM owned Saab, so you think that lifelong Saab owners who had a lot invested in the brand and had grown an emotional attachment to it would've been happy if the Saab badge came off and a GM badge went on? Doesn't matter as it still has an engine an wheels! But it does matter. Or if when Ford owned Jaguar they release a Ford XJ6? Jaguar lovers would've lost their minds. Let's imagine for a second that Ferrari fell into financial trouble and was saved by Daihatsu. A Daihatsu 458 Italia would probabably be widely criticized (i.e. Ferrari lovers would lose their ****ing minds.) And so it goes in the camera world for many people.

This is how I feel. It wouldn't be a slight against Ricoh at all. The change would just remove one more reason to stick with the brand. To be fair, I have been on the fence as the XT-1 is so temtping, but I'm sticking around as I love Pentax for many different reasons. Re-badge to Ricoh would simply leave a bad enough taste in my mouth that I'd probably jump ship. That's just me, though.

No analogy is perfect and I think this is one of them.  Putting a GM badge on a Saab doesn't change the car but it does change how you talk about the car.  Do people "talk about" cameras in social circles?  Well, I sure don't.  Come to think of it, probably don't talk much about cars, either.  More important, if you put a GM badge on a Saab then you've created an expectation that the car will evolve away from the characteristics and features that people wanted in a Saab to something more like a Cadillac or Opel.  That's "real" change.  Putting Ricoh on a Pentax DSLR doesn't change the camera or even change the expectation of what future cameras will evolve from and toward... does it?

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