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Re: fast 35mm equivalent...

paulkienitz wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

There are 2 easily available for the system (FA*24mm F2.0 and Sigma 24mm F1.8), sure one is on the used market but if you can't afford either then what makes you think you can afford a new one.

From what I hear, the FA is enormous, heavy, very expensive used, prone to purple fringing, and according to some, not up to the demands of a modern sensor. And the Sigma is nowhere near as good as the FA. Are you sure this is about affording?

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The Sigma 24mm F1.8 is a great lens, just misunderstood! and IMO the FA* is about equal or maybe slightly better but doesn't have the rendering capability of the Sigma, I know a strange thing to say about a Pentax vs. a Sigma but in this case its true! ... enormous?!?!?!?... Grow Up! if 6.6cm long and 7.3cm wide is enormous than my Sigma 500mm F4.5 must be the size of Jupiter! My F100mm F2.8 macro is 50% heavier!... enormous my a...

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