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Picture Styles are NOT applied to raw files, but if you process the raw file using Canon DPP software, the Picture Style that was set in the camera is applied as a starting point, and can also be changed to any of the other Picture Styles within DPP.

If you process your raw files in a program other than DPP, then any Picture Style is ignored in favour of the program's default settings.
Raw files are just that, raw sensor data with no modifications or adjustments applied.

I agree with what you're saying, but it's I feel it's more accurate to say:

* the PIXEL DATA in a RAW is untouched by anything but LAST (light, aperture, sensitivity, time) and in-camera latent sensor noise reduction

* the CR2 file format includes all the pixel data, but all the usual EXIF data, plus all the camera settings like Picture Style, white balance point, and so on

* when a computer loads a CR2 file, it may choose to "apply" the Picture Style or white balance after it loads the pixel data; not all software knows what to do with some or all of the extra data

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