Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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Re: i shoot mf lenses most of the time

Tom Caldwell wrote:

mrc4nl wrote:

I dare to say i have gathered quite amount of mf glass. 7 full frame and 4 c-mount.

How do you get on with vignetting? I have a few C-mount lenses but most of them either vignette on M4/3 of the aperture ring fouls the recessed portion of the adapter rendering it inoperable.

the full frame lenses give me quality, the c-mount lenses are just for fun/night shooting (6-12mm f1.4)
i shoot mf lenses a lot, more than my native (i own just 2)
my favourites are the minolta 50mm f2, tokina 28mm f2.8.
the minolta must be focused using magnified view since it has a narrow dof.
the tokina can be focused without magnification, although its not fail safe.
i tap the screen and i have full magnified view, half press the shutter button, and normal view pops up. simple and effective.

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Tom Caldwell

I dont mind a little vignetting,  yes the corners are completly black. just crop it.
my 6-12mm f1,4 is circulair (eg height of image circle is smaller than the m43 sensor)
here are some shots:

tamron 6-12mm f1.4 c-moun

same image but cropped.  its kinda soft, but i like it. The best thing is the shutter speed handheld. no stabilisation!

my canon 25mm f1.4 has a bigger image circle, but flares horribly.
this is uncropped

Canon cctv 25mm f1.4

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