Dear Canon, please say something!

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Re: time to come back to planet Earth

RedFox88 wrote:

They want people to buy cameras and lenses. That's what Canon wants!

They want to maximize profits like any good business.  They prefer people buy products with higher profit margins if possible.  They could easily have released the camera you are asking for but haven't.  Why?  Because the more profitable 6d and 5dIII are doing well and there is no competition pushing them to release the 7dII.  You confuse what you WANT Canon to do with what is a good business decision.

If you are a 7d owner in need of a new body, are you going to leave Canon out of spite and buy all new lenses in another system?  Or, are you going to buy either the less costly 70d or higher margin 5dIII?

Again, did we see Canon put 45 or 51 point focus in the 70d?  No, we didn't.  That's not how Canon behaves.

It would be great if Canon were to do as you want them to but as a businessman who does a lot of cost-benefit analysis for projects I really don't see the rationale behind doing so.  Unless they plan on releasing a $3000-3500 body keeping the price point up.

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