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jcr67 wrote:

I currently use a 50D and am pretty happy with it as far as image quality goes. I know the high iso isn't as good as some more recent bodies, but I'm ok with that. My real issue is with focus tracking, especially for indoor sports shooting. When shooting my daughter's basketball with a Canon 85 f1.8 I'm missing focus quite a bit. Will I see a dramatic improvement in the amount of keepers if I go with a 7D?

High ISO noise isn't really as much of a problem as people make out on here. I am convinced most of those who complain are underexposing, cropping massively, pushing shadows too far or a combination of all those things. Yes, the 7D is not up there with the 5DIII etc but it isn't bad. People watch too much Star Trek and think they can turn 28 pixels of a crop into a super image.

Focus wise the 7D will almost certainly be an improvement on the 50D but it does take a bit of learning. Also with an f1.8 it is always going to be hard to get top sharpness all the time. I tried a 5DIII recently for gymnastics indoors and it was noticeably better than the 7D  as far as the keeper rate was concerned but the 7D was way better than the 50D

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