Lens stolen while camera is around photographers neck...video

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It is true

crashpc wrote:

I don´t show my stuff, I have it safely with me (not easy to steal) and I carry two to four weapons with me. But as someone said, If you act in a way that you know what are you doing and you stand your ground, you have very low possibility to get in this kind of trouble. As I just feel safe about my behaviour and backup, so this feels my potential enemy from me

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Why does he do it?

You don't even need to be big and strong! I've had a couple of experiences like that too, in one case two men and one case three (approaching from behind both times and up to no good), when I noticed them they looked at me only to see me scan them from head to toe in a fraction of a second and immediately change my step ever so slightly without missing a beat, being ready to react to whatever change in their direction or behaviour. I think most importantly I didn't look or act panicked. That was enough for them to give up their plans on the spot, even though I was alone, smaller and unthreatening. Those people look victims that are lost, helpless. If they see no sign of helplessness they won't go for you, unless they're mentally unstable or otherwise not very smart.

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