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Re: Question for Mr. Black or other m4/3 owners

jay_akita wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

This question is about micro 4/3 but the perspectives of a Pentax users are sought so I hope it's allowed on this forum. I'm considering picking up an Olympus m4/3 camera to go along with my Pentax K-30, particularly now that this new and lower priced E-M10 has been announced. What I can see it becoming for me is a more portable travel camera where I don't need all of what an APS-C DSLR can do. What I can't figure out is what lens is useful for this purpose in m4/3. I have four K-mount lenses but, specifically, find the DA 18-135 WR to be a terrific travel zoom. There's nothing corresponding in the m4/3 stable (nominally 14 - 100 mm though 14 - 75 would be fine). For those using both systems, what do you use for a travel zoom in the m4/3 world (and I would only buy one)? Thanks in advance.

IMO the real beauty with u4/3 and portability is combining a camera like the EM5 (or the new E-M10) with a compact prime. I recently bought the Olympus 17mm F1.8 and the fast aperture combined with extremely fast AF is excellent. I tend to shoot primes with my Olympus and zooms with my D800. I did the same thing for a while with my K5 before ultimately selling it.

I have the 12-50mm zoom and hardly use it (relatively long body and slow aperture, not great for subject isolation but the macro mode is pretty decent) but I've read very positive reviews about the new collapsible zoom which is what I would be after if I were looking for a small zoom (think it's sharper than the 12-50 but with a smaller zoom ratio). I will likely try to sell my 12-50mm and replace it with this new zoom (can't remember the focal length range off hand) for times when I want to travel light but still have a zoom lens.

I'm in m4/3 for two years now with the small Olympus PM1. I bought it because of really compact form factor and decent image IQ to take with me when going out with my children. I'd like to get one of those compact primes for m4/3 to make my Oly kit really compact and more capable for available light photography.

Now for me m4/3 is kind of compact system for everyday family "reportage" and snapshots, and I carry it almost everywhere in my laptop bag. I also found that smaller sensor cameras are more suitable for low light reportage shooting because they have more DOF at the same aperture - and such lens as Oly 45/1.8 becomes really useful wide open not only for artistic effects.

But Pentax DSLR is for more serious photography hobby. I also found that these systems cost roughly the same but APSC sized system delivers more IQ and gives much better photography experience (at least to me).

I have tried the Pentax Q system as well - it is real joy to use it but image quality is too much compromise.

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