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Re: I prefer dials...

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bruxi wrote:

I think he's saying the dials on the retro cameras are a design asthestetic, but are functionally outdated, which is kinda true.

Not outdated for me at all. I prefer dials over menus. I find them faster and easier to use.

A giant dial for exposure compensation? Great for film, but very dated in a world of RAW files.

No. Contrary to now-popular belief, good sensors are not "ISO-less" in the most used low ISO range, so precisely chosen exposure allows the photographer to achieve greater dynamic range of the recorded image, and minimize the amount of noise.

This is very useful in RAW processing when this dynamic range is compressed (locally for composites of multiple conversions of the same source, variable-locally for HDR or globally in simple processing) for JPEG or print.

I would not be surprised if internal exposure control mechanism on some camera in auto-ISO mode already does ETTR, adjusts sensitivity for the purpose of ETTR, but records the ISO value that would compensate for the brightness -- then exposure compensation may select the amount of highlights clipping, a parameter that is very useful to control when the sensor can't cover everything.

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